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The Family That Tweets Together Stays Together

Retweeted by Mom? Teenagers might say they’d die of embarrassment. But teenagers who are connected with their parents via Twitter and other social media have better relationships with them, and fewer behavioral problems.

A study that asked teens if they used social media to communicate with their parents found that half said yes. And 16 percent said they used social media with their parents every day.

Half of the teens in a this study said they used social media to communicate with the folks. Almost 20 percent said they communicated with Mom and Dad that way every day.

Read the rest of the story on NPR’s Shots health blog. 

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So today, I get to talk to a room full of educators about why we should never shut the door on YA fiction in the classroom, and how trust-based and dynamic collaborative relationships between teachers improves instruction and student outcomes, but also, and perhaps more importantly, I’m going to introduce a room full of educators to the work of John Green!


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What keeps you going during a hard school year either during the day or at night/on the weekends?

Summer brain. So sorry. I forgot today is the 15th and therefore Education Dare Day.


So let’s make it tomorrow with an early start tonight :-) 

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The Perils of Giving Kids IQ Tests

Interesting read…. perhaps I will have more thoughts when I finish digesting it.

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Phantom Regiment 2013 Cannon in D

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23 Books For Your Perfect Young Adult Summer Reading List

More titles for my list!

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cambridge university students were asked on campus why they needed feminism. here are 60 answers. click the link for over about 600 more.

This is amazing


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I’ve often seem Argumentative and Persuasive writing combined. I really like these posters (they have one for Narrative and Expository writing too). I think I am going to purchase them since they are only $2.00 a piece, with $5.00 shipping.

This is excellent!

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tomes-away said: Well, if you haven't seen Revenge, you've just got to. It's a lot of fun. I'm liking Nashville too so far. What about Castle? Or Emily Owens (which got canceled, but has 13 good episodes).

I have Revenge in my Netflix’s queue. I know a lot of people who like Castle but that is not available for streaming so I haven’t seen it. I do enjoy Parenthood, Once, and Grey’s Anatomy. Emily Owens isn’t on Netflix either, so I will have to look elsewhere for it.

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